Physics is for everyone” science school in Gyumri

On October 8-9 NPUA Gyumri Branch held the “Physics for everyone” scientific course, which included topics of nanotechnologies, telecommunications, applications of optical devices, semiconductors, rocket engineering and other fields.


Organizers and participants of scientific school “Physics is for Everyone”

Course included experimental demonstrations, hands-on activities from rocket engineering. During the closing ceremony star gazing was organized, including more than 60 students and teenagers.


Public observations of night sky in Gyumri

The course was organized by the Student Committee of NPUA Gyumri Branch and OSA YSU & NAS student chapter with partnership of Student Scientific Society of YSU faculty of Physics, GSPI Student Committee and SPIE YSU & NAS student chapter.

Author: Sofia Harutyunyan
Translation: Karapet Manukyan