“Physics is for everyone” science school in Goris

More than 50 schoolchildren from Goris N 4 High school were participating in science school organized by our chapter members from September 19-20.
First day was mainly introductory, interactive game-lectures were offered. Afterwards comparison between various physical values were introduced to clear out their importance in Physics.


Second day was focused on Applications of Physics. Applications on Molecular Biology and Architecture were introduced with lectures on applications of physics. In addition, various experiments were demonstrated, with schoolchildren’s participation. A major part of demonstrations was interactive introduction of Optical Phenomenon. The rest were hands-on experiments, using causal subjects for everyday usage.


At the end of the day observations on telescope was done. Participants had opportunity to look on full moon, its craters and several bright stars of night sky.

You can find further information about this event on weblog “Physics is for everyone”.
Author: Rubina Davtyan
Translation: Vardan Avetisyan