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“Research in Natural Sciences” scientific camp

“Research in Natural Sciences” scientific camp was held on August 26-28, in Yerevan State University(YSU) Guesthouse in Tsaghkadzor. 50 participants from different disciplines (e.g. Physics, Biology, Computer Science) were chosen.

The program of the camp contained scientific and personal development oriented workshops and lectures. Various intellectual and sport games were offered as well. The workshops were interactive with experimental demonstrations. A special lecture “From the fundamental science to successful business project” was delivered by Gohar Hovhannesyan, presenter of “PPT-Plasma Physics and Technologies” startup.

At the end of the program campers were offered to present their own research projects. On the final stage, the campfire was set and a special party dedicated to partnership of YSU SSS and OSA YSU and NAS’s student chapter took place.

“This year I entered the Faculty of Physics, YSU. The lectures were especially helpfulfor those that desire to continue their scientific career. I hope the camping will continue next year!”, mentioned camper Armine Alexanyan.

On the clossing ceremony the winners of intellectual games and most active students were awarded.


Rubina Davtyan
Narek Karapetyan
Petros Petrosyan

Group leaders:

Karapet Manukyan
Karen Apresyan
Razmik Aramyan
Tatevik Mkrtchyan
Sofia Harutiunyan

“Physics is for everyone” science school in Ejmiacin

On March 1-2 in city Echmiadzin of Armavir region it took place the next “Physics for everyone” science school. Eornekean public educational institute held the school.

Participants of scientific school “Physics for Everyone”

On the first day of the school participating students were presented topics from physics and especially optics. The first lecture introduced the methods that are used in development of physics. The second one told students about supervision techniques, and also included interactive session, aimed to get supervision via various eye exercises. The third lecture presented the student the applications of optical devices, and especially fibers in various fields.

Interactive workshop

On the second day the sci. director of educational lab, chair of optics, faculty of physics, Yerevan State University Tigran Dadalyan had a lecture about the liquid-crystals and their applications in LCD screens. Then, an invited speaker from internet providing company Arpinet LLC presented the students the advantages of using optical techniques in internet communications. At the end of the day experimental session was organized.

The science school had about 30 students participating.

Author: Karapet Manukyan.


Karapet Manukyan
Narek Karapetyan


Petros Petrosyan
Minas Sukiasyan
Karen Petrosyan

“Physics is for everyone” science school in Noyemberyan and Voskevan

On October 22-23 in Voskevan and Noyemberyan of region Tavush it was organized the next “Physics for everyone” scientific course, with more than 60 participants.


Launch of the rocket in Noyemberyan

Lectures included topics from various fields and applications of physics․ The materials were presented in an accessible way. Both theoretical and hands-on activities from rocket engineering were also included in the course, and the participants launched the rocket they built at the end of the course.


Participants of scientific school “Physics is for Everyone” in Voskevan

Participants were also presented the principles of lasers and their applications in optical devices and medicine, 3D picture making, and other topics.



Participants of scientific school “Physics is for Everyone” in Noyemberyan

The course was organized by OSA YSU & NAS student chapter with partnership of Student Scientific Society of YSU faculty of physics and SPIE YSU & NAS student chapter.

Author: Naira Grigoryan
Translation: Karapet Manukyan

Physics is for everyone” science school in Gyumri

On October 8-9 NPUA Gyumri Branch held the “Physics for everyone” scientific course, which included topics of nanotechnologies, telecommunications, applications of optical devices, semiconductors, rocket engineering and other fields.


Organizers and participants of scientific school “Physics is for Everyone”

Course included experimental demonstrations, hands-on activities from rocket engineering. During the closing ceremony star gazing was organized, including more than 60 students and teenagers.


Public observations of night sky in Gyumri

The course was organized by the Student Committee of NPUA Gyumri Branch and OSA YSU & NAS student chapter with partnership of Student Scientific Society of YSU faculty of Physics, GSPI Student Committee and SPIE YSU & NAS student chapter.

Author: Sofia Harutyunyan
Translation: Karapet Manukyan

“Physics and We: lightning the optics” scientific camp

Scientific camp “Physics and We: lightning the optics” took place on 8-12 of August. More than 40 participants of the camp were high school and university students of 1-3 grades.


Campers of the scientific camp “Physics and We: lightning the optics”

Theoretical part of the camp was mainly concerned on concepts of the physics, with accent on applications of optics in different fields of physics. Participants had opportunity to take part theoretical and experimental sections, held by professors and young scientists.

In practical part of the camp participants were separated into 6 groups and studied robotics, rocket engineering, programing languages, program packets and tools that are used in physics.

Participation in scientific camp “Physics and We” was free of charge. Transportation from Yerevan to the camp place (Byurakan rest house of Yerevan State University) and opposite direction was covered by organizers.

Scientific camp was organized by OSA (The Optical Society) YSU and NAS’s student chapter in collaboration with YSU SSS (Student Scientific Society) and  SPIE (The International Society for Optics and Photonics) YSU and NAS’s student chapter. This camp is dedicated to centennial of OSA and is founded by OSA as Centennial Special Celebration Event Grant.

Author: Vardan Avetisyan


Narek Karapetyan
Naira Grigoryan
Rubina Davtyan
Astghik Chalyan
Petros Petrosyan

Group leaders:

Karapet Maunkyan
Karen Apresyan
Razmik Aramyan
Tatevik Mkrtchyan
Sofia Harutiunyan

“Physics and We” scientific school

On February 4-5, 2016 YSU faculty of physics held the “Physics and We” scholastic scientific school with more than 80 participants from Yerevan and regions of Kotayq, Aragatsotn and Ararat.


During lectures

During the school students, lecturers and researchers presented various topics and applications and the role of physics in architecture, biology and medicine. Besides lectures, social-scientific films and interactive experiments from different topics were presented.


Experimental section


Optical experiments










The school was organized by OSA YSU & NAS student chapter and Student Scientific Society of YSU faculty of physics, with partnership of SPIE YSU & NAS student chapter.


Participants and organizers of scientific school “Physics and We”

Author: Rubina Davtyan
Translation: Karapet Manukyan

Optics zone

Yerevan State University & NAS OSA Student Chapter took part on “Optics and its applications” 3-rd international conference, 1-5 September 2015, Yerevan.


During conference our chapter members organized “Optics zone”, where participants could see nice demonstrations of optical phenomenon. Afterwards, participants visited laboratories of Yerevan State University.
Optics-zoneAuthor: Vardan Avetisyan

“Physics is for everyone” science school in Goris

More than 50 schoolchildren from Goris N 4 High school were participating in science school organized by our chapter members from September 19-20.
First day was mainly introductory, interactive game-lectures were offered. Afterwards comparison between various physical values were introduced to clear out their importance in Physics.


Second day was focused on Applications of Physics. Applications on Molecular Biology and Architecture were introduced with lectures on applications of physics. In addition, various experiments were demonstrated, with schoolchildren’s participation. A major part of demonstrations was interactive introduction of Optical Phenomenon. The rest were hands-on experiments, using causal subjects for everyday usage.


At the end of the day observations on telescope was done. Participants had opportunity to look on full moon, its craters and several bright stars of night sky.

You can find further information about this event on weblog “Physics is for everyone”.
Author: Rubina Davtyan
Translation: Vardan Avetisyan